Your VW Maintenance Checklist

When it comes to the maintenance of your prized VW, it is important to entrust it in the hands of professionals who are VW-certified and who will do an exceptional job in restoring your VW into top condition. With VW car servicing BWA Auto offers, you can get top quality and reliable auto servicing by technicians who know your vehicle inside out and who are able to service your vehicle using genuine auto parts that will ensure the top performance of your vehicle.

BWA Auto has everything your Volkswagen needs in order to keep it in the best shape and in top condition throughout the vehicle’s lifetime. With VW car servicing BWA Auto has, you can sit back and relax as your vehicle is serviced, maintained or repaired by experts who know your vehicle and  have knowledge with the latest VW models and technology. That always means less downtimes for your vehicle. If you are looking for professional VW service and maintenance, here is a look at the maintenance checklist that you should keep in mind in order to keep the car in the best shape for the longest duration of time.

An Express Visual Check

Your VW service will always begin with an express visual check on the vehicle. There are multiple point checks that need to be carried out on the car that looks at the various basics of the vehicle. Generally, the express visual checks are carried out on all VW cars that come to the auto service.

Engine and Transmissions Servicing

A VW car servicing BWA Auto offers will also include professional engine and transmissions servicing like engine rebuild. BWA Auto has an engine-rebuild section that has been operational for more than four decades where you can get high quality and reliable rebuilds for all kinds of engine problems for your VW.  Whether you are looking for a custom project or factory specification engine rebuilds, you can get it here at the highest quality standards.

Fuel Injection Services

During the entire life of your vehicle, the importance of maintaining the fuel injection services of your engines at the best level cannot be underestimated. That is why at VW service at BWA Auto, you will get professional fuel injection servicing that helps you in keeping your fuel consumption, emission levels as well as the engine performance at optimal levels. This service will help you make sure that your VW is operating at great efficiency.

Suspension and Steering

Get an array of suspension as well as steering services for your VW vehicle. When driving your VW car, it is important to ensure that the driveline of your vehicle is maintained well and in the correct position. You can get a variety of services to help you maintain your vehicle’s driveline including repairs on the power steering and even complete upgrades on your vehicle’s suspension systems.  At BWA Auto, this service will be offered to you using only high quality and genuine VW auto parts.

BWA Auto is also a VW expert with the right authorizations and can, thus, assist you with services such as pre-purchase inspections, vehicle registrations and even inspections upon the expiry of your vehicle warranty.