Things to Consider While Looking for Accommodation

Whether you are visiting your family on holiday or even just having a stopover stay at a new place, accommodation is of importance. As such, you have to put a number of things into consideration to find a place that suits your needs. Accommodation in Hervey Bay includes motels, family hostels, resorts, self-contained apartments and even camping grounds. Here is a guide to make the best accommodation choice for you.

Accommodation in Hervey Bay

Number of Days

If you are a traveller and are not intending to stay for a long time, a motel or a hotel would be the best accommodation Hervey Bay has for you. If you are staying for a prolonged period of time, an apartment would be an ideal choice. Every apartment accommodation in Hervey Bay provides the comfort that one finds in a real home, including a furnished kitchen, bedrooms and living rooms. Furthermore, a back packer’s hostel is ideal for an overseas traveller who is on a low budget.


This is closely related to the number of days that one intends to stay over. Choose an accommodation option that you can afford for the number of days you are going to stay. Furthermore, keep in mind the season as costs for accommodation in Hervey Bay fluctuates from high, medium to low, depending on the season of the year.


You have to consider how close the accommodation facility is close to social amenities like restaurants and shopping centers. Also, check whether there are transport links in case the place is far from these amenities. How to get to the accommodation facility is also very important.


You have to consider the time you plan to travel or take the vacation. If it’s in summer, for example, you have to book early to avoid missing accommodation as there are many tourists around this time. The location of accommodation facilities during the high season also influences the availability of the accommodation. If it’s in a prime location, unless you make early bookings, you are likely to miss the facility you desire.

Activities You Intend to Engage in

It’s important to put into consideration the kind of activities you would like to engage in during your stay as you choose your accommodation. Whether it’s water sports or swimming, an ideal accommodation would be one that is near destinations that cater to your interests as not only is it convenient but also allows you to rest and get ready for the next adventure.

Family Friendly

If you have a family with you, it’s important to look for Hervey Bay accommodation that is family friendly and has playgrounds for children or offers the availability of services like high chairs if you have a baby.

Whether you are just stopping by or on holiday, it’s important you find accommodation that best suits your needs. You have to put into consideration your budget, the number of days you plan to spend in the place, activities you intend to engage in and even the location of the accommodation facility. Check out Santalina on Hervey Bay!